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JV Clothiers

EmilyLey_JVClothiers1Can we talk for a minute about HOW STINKIN’ HARD IT IS to find cute boy’s clothes. I mean seriously. When I walk into a store, I am thankful I have a boy because those girls clothes are just overflowing! So many cute options! I’m just not a fan of the character tees and cargo shorts for B yet – I love his little preppy, Florida style. We shop mainly at Carter’s (which he’s now outgrowing), GAP (mostly when things are on sale) and Ralph Lauren (their sales are SO GOOD). I don’t find a lot for him at Target (which I love for myself) because its all so grown up or so “character-y.”


When Stephanie emailed me from JV Clothiers I was over the moon! Look how cute!! We are big LSU Tigers and Chicago Bears fans over here (well, the boys are – I just wear the tee-shirts and make the game day food). JV Clothiers has the most adorable (and, by the way, wonderfully made) shirts, shorts and even belts to represent your favorite college team (raise ’em right, ladies!)


Ok, so I need some tips – what are your favorite places to shop for cute boy’s clothes? B’s a 5T (big boy) and he’s growing like a weed (losing his baby chub… I know… I don’t even want to talk about it… tear).  (image above from JV Clothiers)

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