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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m 1) on modified bed rest until the twins come (yay) and 2) I’ve been having so much fun designing free printables and downloads while glued to this chair! :) Many of you have had questions about at-home printers, pens, binders, etc – so I thought I’d gather them all here to help you organize your free printables! Granted, you don’t really need any of these things to make your free printables work BUT if you’re looking to get fancy, here you go (affiliate links below): FreePrintables-01-01-01
1:  Le Pens Multi Colored Set – I love these pens. I have a bajillion of them in a cup on my desk. They’re thin, crisp and they don’t bleed. Plus the colors are just so fun!

2:  Le Pens Black Only – A while back I bought about 25 of these pens. I have another cup only desk with black pens only for filling out forms, writing letters to people, etc.

3:  EL Home Base Binder – I love our Home Base Binder for holding our free printables! It comes with a bunch of awesome pages but has room for more.

4:  HP Color LaserJet Pro Printer – If you want to get fancy, this is a great (pricey) printer. Roughly $300. Ink is pricey but you can find deals on it on Amazon. The quality of a color laser jet can’t be beat. I owned this printer for a long time before switching to the one below.

5:  Canon InkJet Printer – This is a GREAT printer (especially at $99!). It’s the one I have now. I love that it has a scanner on top. And, well, it’s pretty. :) Color quality isn’t as great as my old laser jet, but its still great.

Visit our FREE PRINTABLE LIBRARY HERE (at the bottom you’ll also find a complete set of gorgeous desktop wallpapers for download) and our FREE IPHONE WALLPAPERS & LOCKSCREENS HERE. Follow me on Instagram for new printables as long as these babies keep baking! :)



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