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Dressing the Bump

This pregnancy has been MUCH different than my pregnancy with Brady. Obviously, there are two babies in there rather than one, so that makes things a little different in general. But what I wasn’t expecting was how big I would get and just how fast. As of Tuesday, I’m 18 weeks. My measuring tape I marked and used when I was pregnant with B measures 28 weeks. Ha. Needless to say, I’m a little scared about just how much my body is going to change in the coming weeks. With Brady my belly went straight out and I gained little weight everywhere else (41lbs total). This time, EVERYTHING is growing. I feel my body plumping up all over to help supply these little ones with all the nutrients they need. The big changes are a little bit of a mental body-image struggle for me, who’s tried to remain thin her whole life, but I’m willing to give up control and pack on whatever I need to for these two.

Dressing this quickly growing bump has been a challenge. Because of OHSS, I had a belly at 4 weeks. It didn’t start actually growing (when the extra fluid was replaced with pure precious baby) until really about 10 weeks. So I’ve been rocking the maternity outfits since the get-go. There are really two ways to go about dressing the bump: actual maternity clothes or maternity pants + some cute non-maternity tops that stretch to cover the belly (I’m afraid I’m running out of options in this category).

Belly Dance Maternity (a maternity line) and White Plum (a non-maternity line) were so sweet to send me some cute outfits to help my mama-of-three-to-be wardrobe.


Belly Dance is a fave of celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow and has been featured on The View and in some other cool magazines. My favorite of their line is this NOM Charcoal Stripe Ellie Dress. Seriously, guys. Seriously. It’s 100% worth the investment. as such a gorgeous basic piece (so easy to dress up for date night!). It’s my go-to dress right now and has probably been worn 25 times already. It’s made really well and makes me feel so pretty (which we all know is hard when you’re growing in every direction sometimes). They have some really great basic pieces as well as hosiery, nursing attire even swimwear.


White Plum was created by a former dancer turned entrepreneur. After having children, she decided women like her (who were managing home and kids and everything in between) should have affordable and super cute options. Let’s all pause for a minute to talk about how great leggings are. I’m able to wear theirs under my belly and woah. They are the softest things ever. Even Bryan commented on how soft they are. This polka dot dress stretches in all the right areas and was so cute with the tie tied over my belly. I wore it to brunch yesterday with friends.


(This is what happens when we try to take photos in our house). :)

So, let me tell you… I’m planning the most beautiful maternity session with Gina Zeidler in Chapel Hill when I’m up there for Making Things Happen next month. This is my last pregnancy (FOR SURE) and I’m excited to document it in this really gorgeous way. Let’s just say there are sequins, Hey Gorgeous flowers and Oatmeal Lace monograms involved. I’m so excited.

So what are your tips for the maternity wardrobe? I also love the Target maternity line as well as Old Navy maternity jeans and maxi dresses. I’ve only invested in a few really great maternity pieces for this, my last, pregnancy and I’m trying to make everything else I have work for as long as I can (though I think my days are numbered in that theory).

ALSO – TWO EXCITING THINGS! Belly Dance Maternity is offering our readers 20% off their purchase with code ELEY from now until October 25. Run, go!

AND thanks so much to White Plum for offering this great giveaway below!

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