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Hayden Reis

HaydenReis_4I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for two things: big bags and pineapples. Pineapples suddenly became very trendy this year and, since they are a huge part of our brand (as a traditional symbol for Southern hospitality) a lot of people have asked me how I feel about them being “so cool” now. I LOVE IT! Well, I love it when they’re used in a great way. And Hayden Reis knocked it out of the park.

HaydenReis_3They sent me this adorable bag (I’d been eyeing it forever because it is gold, navy, pineapple-adorned AND can be monogrammed) and I about squealed when I pulled it out of the box. That’s one beautiful monogram (and if you ever saw my post about whether or not you’re supposed to put straight line monograms in the order of FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST or FIRST, LAST, MIDDLE – it’s officially FIRST, MIDDLE, LAST).

Because I’m in full-fledged nesting mode entering my 20th week of this pregnancy I’ve already begun Christmas shopping. (And planning Brady’s fourth birthday party for a full 2.5 months before his actual birthday – little playgroup pizza party in December, birthday 9 days before my due date in February). I just LOOOOOVE Hayden Reis as the perfect Christmas gift. The bag’s huge and great quality.

HaydenReis_1Perfect for stuffing beach towels and sand toys in. Or perfect as an overnight bag even! Swoon, Hayden Reis. High fives on nailing the pineapple perfectly!

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