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Remember that time… it was a Monday morning. You thought about it over the weekend, mentioned it to a few people close to you, clicked through a few blog posts about it… and decided to let the fear win… but is still there, the undeniable urge that NOW is your time.

But the fear… you know… the one about money. about timing. about opening up. about sharing with a room full of strangers. about [insert nagging fear here]… takes over.

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of talking with a couple of people who are on the fence about attending Making Things Happen this week and next. I wanted to jump up and down and push them in the right direction and say YES YES! DO IT! Trust me. But the decision to take the leap is only yours.

All cities are almost sold out. I woke up at 5:30 this morning to the prancing of little feet in my belly and this incessant urge to write this post. Making Things Happen changed me. But the intensive didn’t do the work – I did the work. I put my foot on the gas. I drove to Watercolor. I let the fear (which isn’t normal for me but INVADED my heart that day) wash over me. I knew there was something inside of me that was ready to make HUGE things happen for my business… for my family… for me.

I remember when this photo was taken. I remember sharing my story of perfection and owning the fears that were holding me back. I remember feeling so light – being able to talk about my passion for my work and leave the draining feelings of my full-time-job behind. I remember feeling broken and strong and empowered by the exercises… by the pure encouragement in the room. I drove home and told my family… I’ve never felt such power before – being surrounded by twenty other professionals like me… impassioned like me… terrified like me… and so remarkably capable… like me. On December 21, 2009, my plans were made. I left MTH with action steps, decisions and a deeper understanding of why I was where I was and how I was going to get to where I wanted to go (and most importantly… WHERE that WAS).

Is Making Things Happen an investment? Yes. Is it intense? Absolutely. Does it hand you all the answers? No way. You have to do the work. Get there. Do it for yourself.

If you’re on the fence, nervous and scared about taking the leap… email me directly. I’m happy to answer your questions and share more of my story. Don’t let the fear win. All cities are almost sold out. Begin anywhere.

Life is too short to play small.

image courtesy of Rae Leytham Photography

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