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I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fashionista and I don’t know a ton about makeup, but I know what I like. :) I’ve found a few simple, basic makeup favorites that are pretty tried and true for me. I try and put on makeup every day (doesn’t always happen) because it makes me feel a little more put together and ready for whatever the day throws at me (read: people I run into at the grocery store, surprise work meetings, etc).

I’m super fair and I have a hard time loving lipstick colors, so here’s what I go for: thick, dark upper lid eyeliner, nude (bare?) lip, bright / girly blush and thick lashes. (Seriously, I would wear fake lashes every day if I could.. I LOVE the look).

So CoverGirl sent me these two awesome pieces to try (not everyday you see “CoverGirl” in your inbox, so that was a surprise!) and I really, really love them:  their new Super Sizer mascara (very black) and their Intensify Me precision eyeliner. These two fit my love for a bolder eye than lip and I really love them. The eyeliner isn’t your standard “crayon” type (there’s got to be a more fancy word for that) – it’s a liquid that goes on with a stiff brush (that feels like a crayon… are you with me?) The mascara has a thin wand and goes on thick. I love.


My friend Kate (from The Small Things blog) sent me some awesome lipstick from Anthro the other day when she saw my sad Insta post about how I can’t do lipstick… and she hit the nail on the head! It’s gorgeous!! It’s peony by Albeit – the perfect pinky – nude color. (wearing it here!)

My favorite piece of makeup is my MAC Bare Study paint pot (it’s an eyelid primer). I wear neutral shadows (also from MAC) and it keeps them on and doesn’t allow them to get oily / crease. All in all, it takes me about 5-10 minutes to throw a decent amount of makeup on in the morning. (Also, run and go to Banana… these drapey tees are my FAVORITE EVER. I have them in every color. Watch carefully and you’ll catch them 40% off on sale!!)


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