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Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! We’ve been gearing up for a BIG week over here (our first ever Black Friday sale!), and getting ready to enjoy spending some extra time with our family and friends. We’re big believers in slowing down during the holiday season to savor the good stuff and cherish the moments we want to remember forever, and we’ve discovered that the secret to slowing down during the holidays is to be prepared! Every year before Thanksgiving, we decide on the menu and prepare as many dishes as we can in advance. This way when we wake up on Thanksgiving morning, we can relax, take our time in the kitchen, and enjoy watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with our loved ones (one of our very favorite traditions!).

As much as we adore the pretty table settings and elaborate traditions, there’s just something about getting back to the simple things and enjoying our favorite family recipes around the dinner table that brings us back to the good stuff– the meaningful memories that we savor for a lifetime. We wanted to share our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you all today, so we each picked one of our own family favorites and shared them here. Print them out, put them in your recipe binder (stay tuned for more details on these!!), and share them with your loved ones this holiday season. We can’t wait for you to try them!

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