Show Notes

Today was a big day. Our baby boy has a name and we are so excited to share it. There’s a great story behind it. But first, today we visited our specialist (we’ve been seeing a perinatal specialist because of some abnormal test results). Our little man is growing BEAUTIFULLY and “rocked & rolled” during the entire ultrasound – according to our tech. He weighs just over 1 lb and is “larger than a banana.” (Don’t you love the produce references?) Our specialist told us all is looking well – music to our ears.

We juggled a few different names for a long time but ultimately decided on the name we loved first – Brady. As for the story, well here you go:

1. Brady – My husband’s name is Bryan and to the majority of his friends, he’s known as “B-Ley.” Now, our little man will carry on the “B-Ley” tradition. (We’re all about traditions over here, can you tell?)

2. Dennis – His middle name may not be the hippest or trendiest in the book – but if you ask us, it’s really special. I was named after my great grandma – a beautiful, vibrant woman. My entire life I heard stories of her and was so proud to have her name. Dennis is my dad’s name (and if anyone’s a daddy’s girl – it’s this girl) as well as my grandfather’s name. Very, very special.

3. BDL – Bryan’s initials are BDL, so he’ll carry that on as well.

4. B. Ley – Bryan’s dad’s name is Bill, then Bryan, then Brady. This name was perfect for us to carry on names from both sides of our family and honor all the men whose footsteps he’ll follow…

We’re so excited that he officially has an OFFICIAL name! I, however, will continue to call him B-man until he’s forty.

PS: I have to caveat the 4d image – they kind of weird me out sometimes. On top of his head? That’s not hair! That’s his little soft-spot growing together.

PPS: And why did we share his name and not wait until he was born? Because this Southern girl has got to get to monogramming! And to answer the question you’re thinking …. yes! Southern boys can have monograms too! :)

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