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I write a lot of times after I’ve had an especially stressful day. It’s like free therapy. But today I thought I’d write in the middle of a great “I’ve totally got this” day.


Kara is here with Brady only a few days a week and I’ve cut back my working hours a lot to be able to spend more time with B. But I still have days when I have work to accomplish and a 14 month old (WHAT!?) to grow/entertain/feed/change/etc. Today is one of those days. But for some reason, today, I feel like I’ve got this.

I was taking a shower this afternoon (sometimes that’s how it happens) and I thought… ok, what are you doing different today than those days when you feel like the world is caving in on you and you can’t do ALL OF THIS.

  • I went for a long walk this morning with Brady. I always ALWAYS feel better when I start my morning with at least a good, long walk… when I get my body moving and my heart rate up.
  • I started my morning with my favorite breakfast: a nonfat, two Splenda cappuccino from Starbucks. I’m one of “those” people. I spend almost $4… almost EVERY day… on that little white cup with the cardboard sleeve. It makes me feel good (not just the caffeine – though that helps me focus).
  • I solved a problem. My husband and I had a quick call with my accountant to go over a handful of tax questions. I feel so much more peace knowing we’re getting a better handle on our business finances.
  • I connected with friends and had a good laugh. I connected with other people – and this sounds silly, but when you’re a work from home (or stay at home!) mama, there are days when the only voice you hear is your own. I laughed with Lara about the way Brady likes to stand up in his wagon and talked with my friend Amy about a new (awesome!) blog she’s starting.
  • I knocked off a big to-do. worked like mad for an hour while Brady napped and made great progress on the Making Brands Happen Client Experience Webinar we’re presenting next week. (IT’S AWESOME!!! There’s still time to sign up!)
  • I made a healthy, special (pretty!) lunch for Brady. We ate lunch together. (I normally skip lunch, so this was great) Brady had goldfish, peas, strawberries and a mini toasted peanut butter + Nutella sandwich cut into the shape of a little heart. I served it to him on his little gingham Pottery Barn Kids plate I just purchased. It made me smile… and him too : )

These are all things I need to build into my every day schedule. It’s so important to take note of what’s making you feel the way you feel on the GOOD DAYS, not just the hard.

Happy Thursday!


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