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Emily Ley Blog


September 27, 2010

Where on earth have the past three months gone? Things have been busy, crazy, new, exciting, scary – almost too much to put into words. I’ve been trying to connect with this new idea of becoming a mommy – and not just that, a full-time-business-owning-mommy. Earlier last month I was fortunate to spend a week back home in Pensacola with my family. This photo is a girls’ trip to the beach – with my Mom and my best friend, Taylor (who also just HAPPENS to be my little brother’s long-time girlfriend). Yes, the girlfriend part happened first – for all who are wondering. It was so nice to unwind and relax – the next few weeks held a bit of craziness.

This is likely my last post in this little blog before the new one launches. This little handmade blog has been great for the past (almost) two years. Two years… holy cow. ELP will be two years old late this December. Two years has gone by very fast. Speaking of two years, Bryan and I will be married for two years in three weeks. Thank God for him. Many don’t know this, but we went through a very scary two weeks worrying over sweet Baby Ley thanks to some abnormal test results. It’s safe to say they were two of the hardest, scariest two weeks I’ve ever faced. Bryan, of course, donned his brave face (if only for me) and guided us through it. Late last Friday we got the news that Baby Ley is just fine. He is strong and kicking hard and growing every day (especially this week! I think he may have had a little growth spurt – this belly is getting bigger!) I have so many special posts I cant wait to share when the new blog launches. Alongside that blog, Emily Ley Paper and Emily Ley Creative will be brand new as well. Stay tuned.