Show Notes

And so ends the longest trip I’ve ever made away from my babies—all three of them. Oh, but New York, you were glorious. Not necessarily the subway or Times Square (just woah), but you with your energy, your brownstones, your people of all kinds, your food (I ate all the food in NY), and your history—you’re spectacular. Throughout this year, as I’ve prepared for my book release in October and prepped for our largest launch of new products ever with our brand, I’ve feared one thing: losing the deep and clear connection we have to our mission—to inspire and empower women in all seasons toward more of the good stuff of life. Day-to-day, in my office, I keep my eye on every facet of our business. I think carefully approving word choice on social media posts, examine each and every photo, and work with my team to make decisions on even the tiniest of production details to ensure that we’re never just a planner company. 
This trip to NY was such a gift to my heart. I was able to meet people, friends, customers, fans of the Simplified Planner, and followers from social media who exuberantly champion our mission. What a gift. More than the big press meetings (surreal) or our two hundred square foot “stage” at the Stationery Show, those genuine hugs and excited encounters where women pulled well-loved Simplified Planners from their bags to share how they’ve changed their lives confirmed to me that we are doing our jobs well. To hear people reverberate our mission, to see in their smiles and hear in their stories that our message doesn’t just “sound good.” It’s truly needed in a world thirsty for less. Meeting with press (oh my gracious was I nervous) and being asked pointed questions on-the-spot, I was able to answer with such conviction that women today are overwhelmed and need products like ours. And not because I’m the new Martha Stewart and I’m an organizing expert. Oh no. I’m able to be the face of this brand because my life is an absolute circus. I have three kids under five, a career I love, family to care for, and myself to take care of as well. You know what I’m talking about. I’m trying to do it all and do it all well. I making decisions carefully and precisely to give my best to everyone as best as I can. There are a bazillion women in the world just like me looking for products that inspire them toward sweet relief. 
I’m endlessly grateful that as our brand is growing, as my book is being publicized, I’m still allowed (and encouraged) to represent our brand as just 33 year old me, a mama and career woman trying her darnedest to do life well. Y’all. There is a crazy press feature coming out in the next week or so that I can’t name yet. It’s the most unlikely of features and the biggest we’ve ever received. I can’t wait to share the details, but seeing our genuine mission represented so authentically in THIS particular outlet makes my heart swell so full.
So happy weekend from 30k feet. I’m on my way back to my babies after nine days away. Looking forward to throwing my phone and computer in a drawer, changing into some sweatpants, and having pizza on the floor with my people tonight. 
Thanks for cheering us on as things grow and change. It means a lot to me.

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