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Lara just tweeted a link to a blog post she wrote introducing MTH2010. I revisited the post and re-did the excercise… wow. Has it really been six months since MTH in Watercolor? This paragraph sticks out to me the most. In seven days, I’ll be living my dream full time. Do I feel the fear. OH my goodness… I’m more excited, nervous, anxious, fearful, stoked, and in love with what I do than ever…

Read this from Lara
Fear. Every “big” thing I’ve ever accomplished in my life I was terrified of at one point. Fear is the biggest thing preventing you from really making things happen. Right now, you already know the answers. You know not-so-deep down what you have to do. You just have a million excuses and fears as to why you can’t get there. My job as a consultant is to hear the fear. I was a personal trainer in Manhattan for several years, during which time I learned more about self-imposed limitations than I care to share. I have heard every excuse for living an unhappy life and the truth of the matter is (and no one likes to hear this)… it’s all in your head. Face real facts, not the constant mental chatter that holds you back from living the life of success you deserve. When you simply identify your fear, worlds of possibility open up.

Wow… after walking through that exercise again. Its funny how the same fears creep up every now and then, how my strengths have grown, but are remarkably the same strengths I had in December, how things have shifted a bit now that I will be running ELP full time, how many opportunities I have had since December, and how many times I’ve fallen on my face along the way – great risk = great reward. The more times I’ve tried, the more times I’ve both failed AND gotten it exactly right. Interesting… go here & do this.

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