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I still can’t believe Brady is two years old. Lately, we’ve found a few products that we really, really love and have helped him really begin to blossom into a little man. My favorite things he’s doing right now are: 1) saying yes ma’m and yes sir, 2) putting together puzzles like a PRO (seriously, it is CRAZY to sit and watch him put together a puzzle) and 3) putting words together to really communicate his big ideas, opinions and feelings to us. The difference between 18 month old Brady and 24 month old Brady is monumental!

Here are a few of my favorite things that are part of our daily routine.

  1. Melissa & Doug Puzzles: We have about twelve of these. Some are simple shape puzzles like the one shown above and some are actual twelve piece rectangular puzzles. He LOVES puzzles. LOVES THEM. Watching him put them together is absolute craziness. He is so fast and deliberate. The rectangular ones are the ones that blow my mind – watching his thought process is so exciting. We like to think he’s a little puzzle genius. His interested started here and moved to the iPad (more on that in another post). ($8-12)
  2. Skip Hop Backpack: I can hardly believe the words I’m about to type… we’ve graduated from the DIAPER BAG!! The big, clunky, always-a-mess diaper bag!! HOORAY! Brady thinks he’s way cool with his Skip Hop backpack and it doesn’t hurt that it’s SUPER cute. Thanks to our friend Kelsey and her son Gryphon for B’s new dino backpack. There are so many cute animals to choose from. We just ordered the matching lunchbox too so that we can carry fresh food around and not just crackers and raisins :) Anyone else remember when it was cool when we were in middle school to wear those soft plush animal backpacks? Or was that just me. Flashback to 1994. ($20) 
  3. Lollacup: Bryan and I are enormous Shark Tank fans (huge). We saw Hanna, the founder, on the show and thought these sippy cups were pretty cute. I checked them out and immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the design and pieces. (Let’s be real. How ANNOYING can sippy cups be. I swear we used to have a few that had 10 pieces.) The Lollacup has five pieces (removable double-handle, cup, lid and two straw pieces). It’s super easy to put together and Brady loves that it looks like a penguin. Check out this adorable second birthday party on 100 Layer Cakelette where Lollacups were given as party favors. Love that idea. To all our friends with littles, don’t buy these. Brady will be giving them to your littles as birthday gifts for the next year, ha! :)
  4. Pottery Barn Toddler Pillow: We are inching our way toward the “big boy bed.” Mommy and daddy aren’t QUITE ready for it yet. We bought Brady a toddler pillow to get him accustomed to sleeping with a pillow and blanket (like he’ll do in his new twin bed coming at the end of March). He LOVES it. He’s learning to sleep with his head on the pillow and doesn’t flop around in the crib nearly as much while he sleeps now. The toddler pillow is the perfect size for him – smaller than a standard pillow. And, of course, we purchased this gingham monogrammed pillow case to go with it. (Oh, y’all. Wait til you see his big boy bedding. I die.) (pillow $10, case $12.50 + $7 for monogram)
  5. Personalized Great Day Breakfast Plate ®: We eat breakfast on Brady’s navy, red and emerald plate every morning. It says “Brady is going to have a great day!” I love the sweet message we’ve created on our Great Day Breakfast Plates ® and, though I’m a little biased, I think they’re great for toddlers, children AND adults. My favorite lunch plates are these segmented plates from Pottery Barn Kids. I post photos of Brady’s lunches a lot of Instagram – typically served in these plates. I love that the segments encourage me to feed him a variety of foods. And I always stick to the age-old rule that more color is better. The more colorful his plate is (lots of different colors of foods) the healthier it is. (Personalized Great Day Plate ® $25)
  6. Pantone: Colors Board Book: Ok, our friends Kelsey and Gryphon knocked Brady’s birthday gift out of the park! I spend half my days flipping through Pantone color books, so I was just tickled pink over this sweet kids book! Brady loves it too! Every spread shows an object of a certain color (let’s say green) and a grouping of LOTS of Pantone greens! Together, Bryan, Brady and I look over each page and choose our favorite shade of green or red or orange. I love watching his little wheels turn as he chooses “grasshopper green” over “moss green.” I conquer, B. Good choice. ($9)

And there you have it! Rest assured I am NOT behind a computer today, rather I am 30 years + 1 day old with my feet up and a pink umbrella’d drink in hand in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’d love to know your favorite toddler tools/toys as well! Goodness knows, us mamas need all the help we can get! :)



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