Show Notes

Our favorite sale of the entire year is here, friends! The EL team doesn’t mess around when it comes to the Lilly Pulitzer APS. We’re up early with coffee in hand, ready to hop in the virtual line at 8am SHARP. Since we know the APS can be completely overwhelming, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite items from the sale this year (and as of this post, they’re all still in stock!).

Our trick for the sale? Choose items that are versatile so that you can wear them over and over again. We like to splurge on one or two fun pieces for special occasions or vacations, but we make sure the majority of our items are practical for everyday wear. Here are our favorite, versatile items that would make great staple pieces in your closet:

  1. Chesapeake Cardigan
  2. Devon Dress
  3. Callahan Shorts
  4. Lena Dress
  5. Jupiter Sweater Dress
  6. Medina Linen Sweater
  7. Short Sleeved Marlowe Dress
  8. Shawl Collar Cardigan
  9. Girls Rue Fit & Flare Dress
  10. Essie Dress
  11. Crochet Clutch
  12. Del Lago Tunic
  13. Lilias Tunic Top
  14. Offshore Necklace
  15. Owen Dress

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