Show Notes

The past month has been life changing in ways that I’ll never be able to write about. New York and the National Stationery Show were a fantastic success. My husband and I made the decision for me to pursue Emily Ley Paper full time… and one week later, a dream we’d had for over a year came true… we found out that we are going to have a baby.

After a year of specialists, tests, surgery and prayers galore our dreams came true. Baby Ley is eight weeks old and while he/she is making Mommy very nauseous, he/she is already a big part of the Ley family. Its an indescribable feeling – knowing that next February we will have a little family.

This takes my desire to make things happen with ELP to an entirely new level. I cant wait to show my baby that he or she can be anything in the whole wide world – that they can go to college for six years, earn an English Degree and a Masters in Administration then make the crazy decision to follow their heart to pursue their creative passions. They can do and be anything. Though we’ve kept our fertility journey pretty private, I cant wait to share this journey into motherhood with you all. Looks like ELP will need a baby line soon…

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