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I got asked a lot in the beginning what my favorite pregnancy “essentials” were – and I laughed overtime. I was just trying to survive OHSS and severe morning (all day) sickness. My answers then would have been sleep, water and croissants from Starbucks to settle my queasiness (?). Ha! Now that we’re into the third trimester, there are a few things that have really helped me get to 29 weeks with twins. Since I’ve experienced a singleton pregnancy with Brady I can also vouch that any of these are great for pregnant women NOT carrying multiples also.

1) A super cute dress that makes you feel beautiful: Obviously good maternity clothes are a staple. I shop at Target, Old Navy and my friends’ closets. :) I prefer to buy inexpensive staples (leggings, jeans, tees, etc) that are really fitted and make me feel more “all belly” and less “ginormous all over.” BUT, this pregnancy it has been SO GREAT to have one really nice awesome dress that makes me feel pretty and can last my whole pregnancy. This one is from Belly Dance Maternity. It’s incredibly well made and fitted all over (with room for a GROWING bump). I wore it early in my pregnancy as I was just starting to show and continue to wear it 35 pounds and a WHOLE LOTTA belly later. I’ve worn it with flip flops, with heels, with boots – it works with anything really. So cute and so comfy. Best part is – it just makes me feel pretty… which is hard when you’re pregnant sometimes! My friends at Belly Dance Maternity told me the other day that they are closing their NYC store (their Chicago store and online shop will remain open) BUT they are offering 30-90% off everything online!! Run, go! 

2) Craving staples: With Brady I craved ketchup and clementines. No, not together – but I must have eaten a million clementines and I wanted ketchup (maybe it was the salt?) on EVERYthing. With these two, I’ve craved SOUR candy and clementines again… and crushed ice (weird, we’ve been working to bring my iron levels up though – so that may explain it). I keep a little bit of sour candy in my house (not a lot or I’d eat it ALL) to satisfy cravings. Pink Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids and Skittles. Yes, please.

3) Prenatal Massages: Ok. These are an indulgence, but I am a BIG believer in the power of massage. About a year and a half ago I went through a rough patch of anxiety and started going for regular massages. (If anyone in Tampa wants my massage therapist’s name – send me a note! I’ll happily pass it along. She’s incredible. Just don’t take my spot! Ha!) :) But they REALLY helped me. A lot. So when I started to get sore and uncomfortable carrying the twins, I started going once a month again. Now I’m up to once every two weeks because I’ve had some lower back pain but it is THE BEST. So totally worth it. I count down the days until I get to go again. All in all, treat yo’self when you’re pregnant. You’re doing a TON of work and you deserve it.

4) Comfy Shoes: I’m always amazed when I see pregnant women in heels. I gave those up long ago. Not to mention my belly is so big I think I’d fall over if I attempted it. I wear flip flops during the day (the joys of living in South Florida) or I’ll wear my Tieks. I am DYING over their new Hollywood Collection. These are rose gold. So gorgeous. They’re so comfortable and have a good supportive sole on them.

5) Mommy Measuring Tape: So, I did this with Brady and I’m SO glad I did. I used the Mommy Measure to measure and mark my belly progress throughout all nine months. It’s been so fun (and slightly hysterical) to compare this time. I’m measuring 10 weeks ahead. Ha! We’re past where my belly was at 40 weeks at this point.

6) Coconut Oil: One of the hardest pregnancy “symptoms” is the ITCH. My belly is so itchy right now I just want to scratch it with a FORK. I’ve tried EVERYthing. Coconut oil just feels the most “non-greasy” and seems to help a little bit. I used it pre-pregnancy also. I love that its natural and smells heavenly.

7) A Super Cute Cup for LOTS of Water: I’ve been mega thirsty this go-round because the babies need so much water from me. I was really excited when my amazing friend, Ashlee Proffitt launched her new mugs and tumblers including this super cute tumbler. It comes with a hot pink straw, lid and the cup. The cup doesn’t sweat, which I love. And it says “JOY comes in the morning.” Wont that be a nice reminder during those sleepless nights. Well, it already is during THESE sleepless nights. I try to drink a few of these a day to stay hydrated (which helps a bit with the itchiness). You can find Ashlee’s tumbler here.

8) Boppy Sleep Wedge: Ok. This took me a few tries to get right. I am having a horrible time sleeping because my belly is so heavy. I’ve resigned to sleeping in our recliner now BUT when I am able to sleep on my side (the entire first and second trimesters) I needed a lot of support. Typically I put two squishy pillows under my head, one firm pillow between my knees and SOMETHING under my belly to hold it up in line with my spine. I tried a Snuggle and hated it. It’s huge. I just couldn’t get comfortable and rolling around with that thing at night was like wrestling with a bear. Plus my belly is so big and the pillow is so big, it just didn’t work. A friend recommended this itty bitty wedge and I gave it a try. IT’S PERFECT! It’s not too big and not too small. It holds my belly up to be in line with my spine and takes pressure off my back. Brady calls it “Mommy’s little pillow.”

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I’ve got 9 weeks or so to go, so I’d LOVE some more of your suggestions! Honestly, a few things I didn’t include here that are DEFINITELY pregnancy essentials: good friends who can help in a pinch, a husband who will help you even when football is on, lots of sleep and heaps upon heaps of grace with yourself.



(Pic above by Laura of Captured in His Image Photography in Tampa)

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