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HOORAY! I'm so EXCITED to finally share this news with you. For the past year, I've been filming and writing an in depth study guide to go along with Grace, Not Perfection. I heard from so many of you after Grace, Not Perfection released in late 2016 that you were discussing the concepts of this book in bible studies, in small groups, and with girlfriends over coffee. It meant so much to me. It was such a joy to write this bible study. You can work through the study guide book by itself or purchase it with the DVD. It's divided into four parts with sessions titled: Let Go of the Perfect Life, Surrender Control, Build True Community, and Live in God's Grace. 

God is abundantly pouring out grace on us, and because of this, we can surely extend it to ourselves, but its so hard. I am so excited for you to dig into this workbook. Writing a bible study was one of the hardest things I've ever written and it was also one of the most life giving. Digging into God's word and understanding what He says about grace, perfection, and the way He made us - individually unique as women - for our individual callings... gracious, I learned so much. In the DVD, I'll join you to walk through some stories from my own life - right from my house - and encourage you as you simplify your lives and allow grace to wash over your imperfections. 

The study guide book is out now and the DVD bundle releases next Tuesday! 

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