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Grace, Not Perfection


Six months ago, I sat in the preschool parking lot checking my email waiting for Brady to come out. In my inbox was an email from Harper Collins Christian Publishing. “We’re hooked on more than just your products, Emily. Your message speaks to a huge need among women. The idea of simplifying our daily lives, of giving our best to the things that truly matter, and of offering ourselves that elusive standard of grace rather than perfection resonated deeply with some of the women on our team. I think it beautifully reflects the rest and peace that God offers His children, and the ways in which you are a conduit of that through something as simple as a daily planner are remarkable.”


Cue ridiculous tears and confused looks from my then four-year-old climbing in the car.


I was an English major in college. Writing has always been my first love. The opportunity to write a book was a dream I dared not dream. It was too big, too impossible, to rare an opportunity. But, God. He knew better. He met me in the busiest, messiest, most circus-filled season of my life with blank pages and an incredible opportunity to fill them with heartfelt words from a girl who gets it: who’s fiercely fighting for what matters for herself, her people and her calling.




Over the course of eight weeks, I sat at my neighborhood Starbucks (bless you, my Starbucks friends, for keeping me caffeinated and encouraged) every single night after bedtime until closing. And at a table in the corner, life stories, organizational strategies, tactical tips, behind-the-scenes business experiences, proud moments, face-plants, hard times, good times, and truths came together and Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy was born. 




Grace, Not Perfection is published by Thomas Nelson: a 224 page hardcover, full-color book with our signature aesthetic (gold foil, simple design, and classic colors) as well as checklists, photos, and beautifully designed pages throughout. Pre-orders are NOW available (click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of retailers) and the book releases in October. 


Thank you so much to my family who encouraged me through this whole process, to my team who gave me the grace and freedom to make this book happen and to my sweet husband for talking through every story and every thought with me. Thank you to my friends at Thomas Nelson, my literary agent Claudia, and my friends at Choice Media. Thank you to my incredible friend, Lindsay Sherbondy (Lindsay Letters) for your beautiful calligraphy on the cover. Thanks to my dear photographer friends Shay Cochrane, Laura Foote (these gorgeous images are from her) and Gina Zeidler. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring this message to life. You are all such a blessing to me. To our friends, followers, and customers – thank you for cheering our brand and me, personally, on. Thank you for championing grace and joining together as a community of women who want more, better, sweeter, richer. 

Hop on over to our book page here to read an excerpt from the book (and see the beautiful pages!) and to pre-order. With your pre-order, you can download my new e-book, Overcoming Overwhelm, with Q&As from women trying their best to do it all and do it all well. 



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