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Washi Tape


One of our favorite things about the Simplified Planner is the ability for people to customize their planner to fit their specific needs and style. We love that women all over are using their Simplified Planners as a tool to help them organize their life around the things that matters most. We believe that when we use our planners to carve out white space in our days and be intentional with our time, we cultivate joy within our families and communities. That’s why seeing women all over using colorful pens, stickers, clips, stretchy bands, and other fun accessories to help organize their planner makes us giddy– because it means that women are taking time to plan, get messy, and to make the good stuff of life happen.


One of our absolute favorite planner accessories is washi tape. It comes in SO many different colors and can be used for just about anything your heart desires. We especially love it for blocking off long sections of time, or multiple days in the monthly view. Rather than writing the same thing five days in a row, throw a piece of washi tape over the days and just write it once!  It gives us a visual of trips and other commitments, so it’s easier to organize the rest of our lives around those important dates. Instead of cluttering up our planners with extra words, a simple pop of color (or a fun pattern!) keeps us organized and on task.


While we love adding structure to our lives through colorful accessories, we think our friend, Rachel Park, hit the nail on the head when she told us, “At the root of it, the most important part of planning is the actual planning. Having a paper schedule is something that helps me stay organized and allows me to plan for the future effectively. It’s easy to get swept up in all of the planner accessories…but I think the most important thing to remember is that you have to do what works for you to stay organized and focused on your goals.” Amen, Rachel!


Keep things simple. Find what works for you and your family, and stick to it.


Share with us your favorite planning tips and give us a glimpse inside your Simplified Planner by using hashtag #InsideMySP. To purchase your Simplified Planner or accessories, visit the shop or find a store near you.

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