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Simplify your days.
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Inside My Simplified Planner: Quick Tip

September 30, 2015



Let’s face it. Life can sometimes be a crazy, chaotic, beautiful mess. Most of the time, life doesn’t happen exactly how we planned it, and that’s ok! The thing that tends to change the most around here? Dinner plans! Far too often we end up scratching out our dinner plans to eat pizza on the living room floor, meet friends at our favorite restaurant, or grab a quick meal on the go.


One of the simplest ways to keep track of constantly changing dinner plans is to write them down on washi tape (or post its!) inside my planner. This way, when life happens and we need to change our dinner plans, I can simply peel the tape up and replace it with our new plans. No scratching out and no running out of space to write- easy peasy! As always, don’t forget to share your favorite planning tips with us and show us how you’re using your planner to simplify life by using the hashtag #InsideMySP! :)


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