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Remember those thank you notes that you never sent out, or that annual pass that didn’t get renewed in time? Life gets busy, and even when we have the very best intentions to send out thank-you notes the very next day, use our coupons before they expire, and RSVP to that birthday party a week early, sometimes those good intentions just aren’t enough. It’s way too easy to pick something up out of the mailbox and immediately put it on the back burner– until we frantically start looking for it again the day AFTER it’s too late. Sound familiar? Most of the time, though, we just need little reminders to give us a little kick in the pants to get those things done!


Our favorite way to leave ourselves little reminders to get these things done is just by clipping those invites or coupons right into our planner on the day (or week, for those weekly planner users!) we need to remember them. You could also use your favorite washi tape to stick them right to the top of the page. This way all of the information we need is right there, including any addresses or important websites. So easy. So simple. And SO helpful. No more forgetting where we put them or missing the deadline! We hope this helps you simplify your planning routine and stay on top of all those little deadlines that pile up throughout the year! :)   

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