Show Notes

Watch out! I’m 30 years old! WHAT!! 1983 was a good year.

Part of me wants to kick my heels up and toast the best glass of champagne I can find in my purple sequin dress! (This will be happening later)

Part of me is a tad bit sad! Will I never experience those amazing moments ever again? Walking down the isle to this handsome man. Seeing Brady for the very first time. Really?

But, it only gets better from here. I’m so grateful for all the mistakes, achievements, challenges, friends who’ve stayed, friends who’ve gone, and God’s glorious plan that unfolds day after day. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many people who help me be the type of THIRTY YEAR OLD woman I want to be. My word for this birthday is just plain ol’ grateful. Well, that and… CHEERS, Y’ALL!



(from the Dominican!)

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