Show Notes

HELLOOOOOO BLOG FRIENDS! I am alive. I swear. I have so much blog-goodness stored up in my head that I take one look at my keyboard, shudder and walk away. I. Have. So. Much. Going. On. And it is awesome and just how I like it. Type A anyone?

In this little post you’re not getting any ettiquete tips, any pretty photos, any inspirational goodness or any of my thoughts on life. Well maybe a few. Just a big fat HELLO-how-are-you-see-you-soon-update.

Branding Clients. I love you. I have had the joy of working with a handful of branding clients on inspiration boards, color palletes, logo design, packaging concepts, social media pages and stationery design (well of course). It fires me up. It makes my soul happy. Sappy, I know. But I love this side of ELP. Seriously, helping others visualize their passions is pure joy to me. I’ll be featuring a few of these on the new blog in May! Interested in big or little help? You know where to find me.

Brides. I love you also. Just completed some GORGEOUS custom letterpress suites – one for a darling bride in Virginia and another for a bride whose groom has the coolest name ever. I will display gorgeous photos for all very soon. More custom work up my sleeve.

ELP Love. So much ELP love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ELP love! Featured on Style Me Pretty thanks to the talents of Ashley Baber and Holly Chapple. Featured in Eco Beautiful Weddings thanks to Get Polished Events in NOLA (a city with a special place in my heart!). (Thanks Katie, Val and Emily!) Now part of Lemon Tree Paperie. MORE exciting news to share in this little section – but not quite yet :)

Wholesale. What a beast! And I mean that in a fuzzy, snuggly monkey beast sort of way. New wholesale clients, big wholesale relationship in the works. Album is UNDERWAY (the beast itself).

Website/Blog. Guess what! ELP is getting a mini face-lift. Stay tuned for a couple changes and the new blog in May.

I’m tired just writing this. I need wine. Happy sunny, 80 degree Tampa Tuesday.

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