How to Use Your Simplified Planner in College
How to Use Your Simplified Planner in College
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Hi, friends! We are so excited about this blog post for the women balancing class, meetings, exams, due dates, extra circulars, and everything in between. Our college gals are such a bright light in this Simplified Sisterhood, and we want to help you lead the most successful school year! We gathered several ideas and tips for using your Simplified Planner in college, but these would absolutely work for high school, too. It's never too early to have a structured plan. We are so proud of all your hard work – keep studying, have fun, and enjoy every moment! 💓

How to Use Your Simplified Planner in College: 

  1. Daily Simplified Planner – You cannot go wrong in choosing a Daily or Weekly SP, but we do suggest a Daily for college so you have plenty of space throughout the day to write your schedule, to-do list, and any notes that may come up. 
  2. Start with a plan – Fill in each day's schedule for the entire semester. Add exam dates and due dates that you already know of. Add football games, recurring meetings, family weekend, and dates with friends. 
  3. Color Code – Use our Highlighters and Flag Sticker Set to distinguish each course's assignments, exam dates, and requirements.
  4. Set study reminders – Go back 1-2 weeks before the exam/due dates to add reminders. This will not allow any projects or tests to sneak up on you! 
  5. Print our Simplified Syllabus  This will keep all your course information (professor's office, office hours, number of absences excused) in one place. Fold it in half and keep it in the pocket of your SP. 
  6. Write your assignments down daily – Don't plan to remember what happened in class. Write down your homework so it's out of your head and you can concentrate on anything else before it's time to complete the assignment. 
  7. Practice time management – Schedule a certain amount of time in your Simplified Planner to study each class. Then, set a timer for one class at a time to focus and get it done! Bonus Tip: Studying in increments will help you retain the information. Take short breaks to regroup. 
  8. Take notes – Writing down notes is proven to help you remember the content better (and stress less). Pair our new Notebooks with your Simplified Planner to take the most beautiful notes. These are sure to help you look and feel more confident! 
  9. Prioritize your time – By visually scheduling time to study and focus on school, you allot time for fun without overwhelm. Set weekly goals for school and personal accomplishments to hold yourself accountable. Reward yourself for studying by enjoying something you love – faith, fitness, friends, etc.  
  10. Have fun – Savor your time in college! It's crucial to study hard, but make the friends and memories that will last a lifetime. 
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