Show Notes

Harley Bogart got his shots last weekend. Poor baby. Look at that pink bandaid. He’s so stylish.

That was one of the nine thousand things on my thingstodobeforebmancomes list. I started with three pages and I’m down to SIX (6!!!!!!) things to do. Many thanks to Marissa for her help :) Many thanks to Lara, Gina and Natalie for their encouragement. Many thanks to my girlfriends for taking me to Olive Garden so I can ask all the dumb questions about breast feeding, carseats and labor (I have to do WHAT?!) Many thanks to Bryan for the frosties. Plural.

Almost there little guy. 3 weeks to go. Tomorrow we go in for our weekly non stress test. Then your mamas going to meet with the first of two pediatricians were choosing between. We’ve had some scares with you during the last few months and some docs who scare your neurotic first time mother rather than coach and reassure her… So these appts are very important :)

Your movements have slowed down a lot… They’re bigger though. Probably because you’re running out of room. Did you know your mama used to wear a size two? Ha.

I keep waiting for something to happen… For you to give me that sign that you’re ready, but so far were right on track for your birthday to be February 16, 2011. I can’t wait to meet you Bman – finished todo list or not. It’s almost time :)

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