Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
Show Notes

To every teacher in any way, Team Simplified thanks you! 

Thank you for all you do in the classroom (or at the kitchen table). 

Thank you for focusing on students all day long. 

Thank you for planning a successful, creative, educational year way in advance.

Thank you for leading with compassion. 

Thank you for inspiring others to teach. 

Thank you for smiling, laughing, and brightening everyone's day. 

Thank you for encouraging others to think and act with intelligence.

Thank you for your kind patience. 

Thank you for being the one who makes a positive difference. 

Thank you for bringing joy. 

Thank you for reassuring students to build the foundation of their knowledge. 

Thank you. 

You matter. The work you do matters. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! 

We are so grateful for the teacher-heroes influencing and enlightening today's students. If you are a teacher, we're showing our appreciation to you this week with 10% off your Simplified purchase through 5/7/21 when you verify your ID at checkout. If you're not a teacher, please remember to thank the ones in your community this week. Let's celebrate our people well together! 

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