Show Notes

Dear Brady,

You are two years old, little man. It’s so strange to write those words. It seems like yesterday your mommy and daddy were getting ready to go to the hospital to meet you.

I remember getting ready in our bathroom while Daddy waited in the living room talking to Nana and PopPop. A beautiful song by Adele (To Make You Feel My Love) came on and I cried and cried and cried all by myself. Just me and you, all wrapped up in my tummy.

You were so safe and protected. No one could hurt your feelings. No one could make you cry. You were just happy and snuggly there in my belly. I cried because I knew I could never have more love for you than I did in that moment.

Boy, was I wrong.

This year you have blossomed into a sweet, sweet little boy with words and opinions and ideas and feelings and tricks and wants and preferences and the sweetest little cheeks you ever did see. You have a smile that turns any day around. You love carrots and animal crackers. You ask for apple juice from the server every time we sit down at a restaurant. You prefer showers over baths unless there are crayons involved.

You love your best friends. You like to play outside and you LOVE puzzles more than anything in the world. In fact, watching you do puzzles quickly and precisely is one of my favorite things.

You love to lay in your crib with your Mama and you love your daddy. This year, I’ve watched you become a little boy who idolizes his daddy and truly thinks the sun rises and sets in him. He is a good man, B. I hope you learn a lot from his big heart and the way HE brightens any room, too.

One of my favorite parts of this year has been the chances we’ve had to teach you not just to be a good boy, but to be an exceptional boy. You light up our hearts when you say “yes mam” and “yes sir.” But perhaps my favorite thing we’ve taught you is to say prayers. You now say the blessing before dinner even without our prompting. Your version goes… “God Great Amen.” :) It’s perfect.

I love you more than words sweet boy. This birthday has felt really emotional for me. I think it’s because I’m reminded of the struggle we had to conceive you. It took a little over a year, surgery, a few procedures and some drugs. Then on a month when we put all those things aside, we saw those two perfect pink lines. We’ve been trying for fourteen months now to give you a little brother or sister. And perhaps that’s why my heart feels a little emotional about you turning two. There were times when I thought our little family of two might not ever becoming a family of three. We learned to trust God’s pure and perfect timing and you were so so so so worth it. Worth every tear I cried and every worry I had to pray away. You, sweet boy, would have been worth waiting ten years for. And I bet your little brother or sister will be the same.

Thank you for blessing our lives in immeasurable ways. Toddlerhood is challenging but we are growing tighter and stronger as a family of three :) We love you so much, Brady Bear and my wish, for your second birthday, is for you to have a heart full of endless joy forever and ever. I love you, punkin’.



Image credits: Top six (Gina Zeidler Photography), Bottom three (Rustic White Photography)

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