Happy National Simplicity Day!
Happy National Simplicity Day!
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Happy National Simplicity Day, friends! We feel like this special day was made for us. Here at Simplified, our mission is to inspire and equip women to live out A Simplified Life. Today on National Simplicity Day, we asked each member of Team Simplified to share how they use Simplified Products to simplify their days in hopes that we can inspire and equip you to do the same. Oh and to make things even more fun, save 15% sitewide today only with code SIMPLIFY15 at checkout. Enjoy the beauty of simplicity in your life today (and every day)! 


Well, I have to say, if I'm asked to choose only one product, I have to choose the Daily Simplified Planner. Not only is she my baby, but she's just so tactically helpful. I love spending an early morning with a cup of coffee working through the Simplified Prep Work in the front of each planner, then filling in all my important dates. Some days are full of scribbles and notes and some are beautifully color coded. Don't know what I'd do without it!


The Meal Planning Notepad— hands down! I love planning meals for the week and ripping out the page to take to the store. I even save them for future menu ideas!


Floral Notepad all day for a wide open brain dump that I can then take and organize into my planner! Keeps my life simple. 


I recently used the Weekly Planning Notepad to help organize a little getaway and it served as such a great visual! On the left side of each day, I wrote what we'd be doing (hiking, going to lunch, etc.) and on the right side I brain dumped any and everything we'd need for that day (outfits, snacks, water bottles, etc.) It’s such a simple, quick way to make sure you have everything you need for a trip!


I think the Citrus Square Notepad will forever win my favorite Simplified product because of the short to-do list I can make on it each day. It never feels too overwhelming and is always fun to look at! Bonus points for this notepad because it's such a substantial gift – so many pages, such a beautiful design, and it welcomes a thoughtful note on the first page.


Without a doubt, right now it's my Simplified Planner Pouch! Instead of carrying a diaper bag I use one pouch for diapers/wipes and one for toys, and then swap the pouches into different bags as needed.


I am loving my Monthly Simplified Planner to keep track of our summer and fall plans and our dinner plans. I leave it out on the counter for easy access to add appointments, trips, playdates, all the things. And it's so light that I can slip it into my tote or diaper bag and always have it handy!


The To Do Notepad is definitely the most helpful product to me when I'm feeling overwhelmed by my to do list. I keep one on my desk and when my to do list gets long, I take everything that's in my Simplified Planner and prioritize it on the notepad in order of what needs to be done first. It's a simplifying game changer!


Our Legal Pads are saving my work days right now! The paper is such high quality, and I love that I can use the lined side for making notes during meetings, and the blank side to sketch out new ideas!

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