Show Notes

Halloween with a toddler was SO. MUCH. FUN. Well, minus the tantrum when I tried to take his lollipop away. Mom Lesson #2135: Don’t take a sucker away from a toddler. Just don’t. Let them eat it.

Our little family dressed up as Sesame Street. Brady thought it was AWESOME. Especially when Daddy became Cookie Monster. We went trick or treating with our friends in their neighborhood. Mostly, Brady rode in the wagon with his friend, Beckett (who was dressed as 1/3 of Run DMC with his parents… AMAZING.) But towards the end, Brady rang a few doorbells.

Here’s a rundown of how that went (get ready for the cutest moment ever…)

B: Runs to door. Knocks persistantly on door.

Homeowner: Doesn’t answer.

B: Knocks again and yells “HEYYYYYYYYY”

Homeowner: Comes to door. “Well, aren’t you cute, Elmo!”

B: “Tickeeteet!!!”

Homeowner: Here you go (places two lollipops in his Elmo bucket)

B: Looks at me (we’re still working on pronouncing “thank you”) “Mammaaa… WOOOAAAAWWWWWW” (translation: “Mama, wow!”) <—– Cutest moment ever. He realized he gets free candy if he says “tickeeteet.”

Cue amazing giddy toddler dance to the next house.

Hysterical. Love the photo on the right. Last night was epic. Just so fun. The joy on his face as he discovered something so fun was priceless.

This weekend = Christmas happens at the Ley House. STAY TUNED!



PS: Have you seen our personalized Children’s Cookies for Santa Plates? They’re flying off the virtual shelves!

PPS: I’m headed to a press-check for our Simplified Wedding Planners in a few hours! Next week is the big week!

PPS: Next week is our last Powerful Branding Webinar! Get registered! : )

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