Happy Cover Reveal Day!
Happy Cover Reveal Day!
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Hi, friends! Happy Cover Reveal Day! Our team has been working so hard on these 2021-22 Signature Simplified Planners, all our new products, and all the Launch Week fun for over twelve months now! You'll find that everything is just a little neater, a little fresher, and a little more, well ... simplified! As our brand evolves, it's become so important to us to focus even harder on our goal of making everyone feel welcome in our sisterhood. We hope these six new designs speak to each of you as you and the year you want to have in the Simplified Planner you love. 

So many of you had great guesses over on Instagram! There were even a few comments and DMs we wanted to respond to with "YES, you guessed it!" Our team was having way too much fun laughing at the funny emoji hints. But no more waiting and no more secrets – let us introduce to you our 2021-22 Signature Simplified Planners!!  

* Daily Signature Simplified Planners shown above. 

Carolina Gingham – Fresh, polished, and as traditional as they come. Perhaps our most neutral offering this year, she is comprised of two of our absolute favorite colors: Carolina and navy blues. And at Simplified, we firmly believe blue is a neutral. She's reminiscent of college football games, beloved baby showers, and our favorite aunt's special Easter napkins. She's feminine, confident, and strong. Carolina Gingham is perfect for the woman who cherishes the importance of traditions both new and old, who will tuck her favorite heirlooms or souvenirs safe inside a special linen box in her closet, and who will always bring the best sweet tea to the party.

Fuchsia Chinoiserie – Our bold take on a classic design. Longtime fans of traditional chinoiserie and its whimsical, natural, often royal structure, we brought the joy and exuberance of modern Southern culture to this western aesthetic inspired by eastern style. She is layered, complex, and accented with beautiful contrasting colors. Fuchsia Chinoiserie is perfect for the woman who is confident, curious, and bold.

Thin Happy Stripe – Simplified's very first love—the cornerstone of our beloved brand—was the original Happy Stripe. Beautiful color done well, we used to say about her. As our tastes became more refined and we began to draw inspiration from vintage wall coverings, heirloom quality textiles, and patterns found in interiors, art, and nature, we gave ourselves the freedom to grow and evolve. And as we grew, Happy Stripe grew as well. She welcomed more color into her lineup, gave more space for each of her stripes, and released a breath of femininity, polish, and sophistication. She let go of who she no longer was, and is confident in who she is becoming. Introducing the new Happy Stripe.

Dainty Dogwoods – Inspired by the promise of a fresh start that comes with every first spring day, when the air feels just warm enough to slip off your jacket and take a deep breath of cool air. The dogwood is the traditional symbol of rebirth and resurrection. What a perfect way to celebrate the newness that comes with the beginning of a new year. We paired this simple pattern with the perfect shade of sky blue to mimic the appearance of dogwood blooms against a new spring sky. Dainty Dogwoods is perfect for the woman who loves designs with hidden meanings, who is revived by time spent outside under a clear blue sky, and who holds her faith close to her heart.

Navy Hydrangeas – Evoking the sense and sensibilities of some of our favorite Southern cities—Charleston, Savannah, and St. Simons Island—Navy Hydrangeas is cool, confident, and steeped in grace. The flowers are inspired by delicate stems found in the yards of our teammates, while the navy reflects our signature color—polished and classic, a hue that never goes out of style. Navy Hydrangeas is perfect for the woman who loves a vintage wallpaper, loves hosting a dinner party, and prefers her planner to match her attire.

Kelly Green Bees – For years we have dreamed of a green planner, in just the right shade and featuring the perfect design. But as with all colors, we wanted to feature it in just the right way and at just the right time. 2021 felt like the perfect year to bring about a Simplified Planner inspired by newness, growth, and renewed energy. Our Kelly Green is just the right mix of blue and green—a tad on the cooler side. Our signature bees are placed just-so inside a symmetrical geometric pattern for an orderly, organized aesthetic. Kelly Green Bees is perfect for the woman who loves to explore her own personal growth, is drawn to order and symmetry, and cherishes the hidden meaning of the bumblebee and its hive.

We hope you love these as much as we do! Here's a few fun details:
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