Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Happy Halloween handsome! Today was such a fun day. I will post some photos for you of your first costume but I love this photo of you at Wee Play today. We had so much fun with your friends!

You were very well behaved even though you stole Beckett Pittmans pacifier a few times : ) Weve been taking an hour or two a few days a week and going to a few fun things with our playgroup friends. Last week we went to story time at the library. You loved the dinosaur popup books!

Last week was tough though. You got sick for the first time ever. Your temperature was 103 one night. After a lot of baths, some cherry flavored medicine that you didn’t like, a trip to the doctor and a lot of love from mommy and daddy you felt much better.

Then the next day, I was giving you a bath and your Daddy said “Does Brady have any teeth pushing up yet?” I said “No…. He’s going to be toothless forever…” and rubbed your bottom gums… And sure enough… Your middle bottom left tooth was poking through! We went straight from sick to teeth and the next day you had ANOTHER tooth making an appearance! You’ll have two bottom center teeth before we know it big man.

Saturday we hosted your first Halloween party. The babies from our group of friends (our playgroup) came over in costume (and some mommies and daddies!) and we had dinner and a

lot of fun. You, your daddy and I dressed up as Toy Story. I was Jessie the Cowgirl, your Daddy was Buzz Lightyear and you were a sock monkey!!

Tonight you sat in the driveway with us until bedtime dressed in your green monster jammies. You guarded the candy from the trick or treaters! Tomorrow is your nine month appointment. It’s a little early (you won’t be none months for two weeks) but I still can’t believe how old you are. Everyday you are doing new things. Your daddy and I love you so much, B!!!

Your first Christmas is around the corner and I’m sooooo excited to experience this with you! It’s our favorite time of year!!

I love you!!


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