Show Notes


Being a one man show is TOUGH. So rewarding though – to see the direct fruits of your labor. These albums are such a labor of love. They’ve been delayed a thousand times for a thousand reasons – each I’ve learned from. The biggest being the TERRIBLE morning all day sickness that hit me as soon as the NSS was over. I have learned SO much about creating these puppies since creating (in a short span of 4 weeks) the lone album I toted with me to NYC. I plan on writing a detailed series of posts with NSS tips (including album building tips) as soon as these albums are out the door. At the end of the day, I will be so proud of them. They ARE shipping next week – as soon as the binders arrive. Hallelujah! I cant wait for these to be in stores. A few photos of the madness here…

iPhone images I forgot I had… me with my lone album on my way to set up for the NSS. Middle: me, getting ready to go Right: The ENORMOUS stack of shipping boxes awaiting albums.
Images from the ELP Everyday Album

More images from the ELP Everyday Album & ELP Wedding Album page stacks – awaiting samples to be adhered to them.

Craziness ensues :) You better believe I have a massage and a date planned for the day these puppies ship.

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