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Over it. Under it. Around it. Through it. There are a lot of ways to get past the “wall” that is inevitable to plant itself in your path every now and then – be it the “lackofenergy” wall or the “humungousproblem” wall or the “overwhelmed” wall. I hit a wall today at about 2pm and it got me thinking about how this happens every few months or so.

A few things to realize:

  1. Everyone (EVERYONE) hits a wall at one point or another.
  2. The wall is never really as big as you think.

Today, my wall was the “busybeeisgoingtocrashsomeday” wall. I had a super fabulous week last week and couldn’t WAIT for my Dad to get here to help build B’man’s nursery this weekend. We worked all weekend, nonstop (ok, he did most of it – he’s pretty amazing). And last night, I was so excited about everything, I could barely close an eye. So when my wall snuck up around 2pm today – I had to give in.

Yep, at 2pm today – if you couldn’t reach me – it’s because I was taking a nap. Moral of the story? Sometimes we have to give in to the wall and rest while it crumbles. When I woke from my little hour nap – it was gone and I was back in business.

My thoughts on how to keep The Wall at bay and avoiding a headache from running smack into it:

  • Make it a point to get a full night’s rest (obviously – ask me in three months how I feel about this one)
  • Start your day off with exercise. Everyday. (yes, even when your belly looks like mine – this isn’t always easy, but is WELL worth it)
  • Manage your day based on a prioritized To-Do list (more thoughts on forms of these coming soon – my new favorite is “Things” for Mac and iPhone)
  • Never underestimate the power of a good iTunes playlist, an organized/inspiring workspace and opportunities for a “change in scenery” (IE: work outside. go to Starbucks. get out of your traditional workspace for a while).

How do you get through The Wall? Over it, under it, around it, through it? Everyone has tricks. Mine is probably my workspace – it inspires, invigorates, re-energizes and focuses me. Home studio tour UP NEXT!

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