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Emily's 2020 Summer Reading Picks

June 01, 2020

Team Simplified has officially entered into Summer Mode for the next few months! With kids at home, trips, and everything that makes summer, well, summer, it’s a blessing to let our team utilize the flexibility I dreamed about several years ago. We’ve worked hard to get to a place that allows us to work more freely in this season, so while our times and work locations may vary, our communication with each other and our community stays the same. 

The past few months have prepared me for a scattered summer work schedule, as we finished up the school year at our kitchen table. I know I can do this, and even better – I know my kids can do it too. We have big plans to slow down and enjoy the sunshine. We’re going to escape the screens and read our hearts out. I want my kids to always know joy in the perfect summer read, to crave sweet words in their mind, and to truly love the simplicity of quiet time.

While they are finding their friendship with reading, I’m excited to pour into mine. I’m passing a few of my favorite books onto you. Here’s to Summer Mode! 

  1. Big Little Lies
  2. Where’d You Go, Bernadette
  3. The Chemist
  4. Boundaries
  5. The Couple Next Door 
  6. Let Your Life Speak
  7. Unoffendable
  8. Essentialism
  9. The Royal We
  10. Laughing Through the Ugly Cry
  11. Get Out of You Head
  12. Looking for Lovely
  13. Girl on a Train 
  14. The Weekenders: a Novel 
  15. The Wife Stalker

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