Embracing a New Normal
Embracing a New Normal
Show Notes

In a very unique way, I’m thankful for the past several months in quarantine and what it has taught me. I’m not thankful for the circumstances by any means, but I’ve come to realize that my version of slowing down was possibly still not enough. In a season of burnout, I sat down to write When Less Becomes More to stand with women of all ages and backgrounds who had been experiencing any sort of extreme overwhelm. I was tired of scrolling through social media only to be left empty in the depths of comparison. I was tired of over-scheduling myself and my family with plans and activities. I was tired. I knew I needed to embrace a slower pace in the day-to-day. And I hoped to inspire other women to do the same. 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the craziness of a schedule, but when all those things disappear, there is a freedom to do more of the good stuff–– to spend uninterrupted time time with the people you love. The seriousness of quarantine is not lost on me. I can't even begin to comprehend the amount of loss that so many are experiencing due to our current crisis, and I'm overwhelming grateful for the healthcare workers, grocery store employees, and countless others who have worked hard to help keep the rest of us safe this year. But for me and my family, I've been challenged to look at the brighter side. 2020 seems like a wake up call to a slower reality for us. As the world slowly transitions back into a more open space (when the time is right), it’s our job to embrace a new normal. 

From here, it gets to be our choice to slow down. It is our responsibility to say no. I’ve enjoyed the overflow of family time I see on social media these past several months. Families playing catch in the front yard and having breakfast together before starting work for the day is so refreshing. At first, I found myself complaining about the isolation and how much we had all lost this year–– until I took a step back and decided to look for the positive impacts that were filling our homes.

I’ve come to realize I’m okay with my kids being bored and curating an extensive imagination. It's good for them! This time has reminded me just how important creativity is at every age. I embrace it in my own life, but then try to constantly entertain my kids with fancy activities. They can do it on their own. We all can! 

Post-pandemic life will look different for all of us. Our schedules will start filling up (as they already have for many of us), and the fast-paced way of life will attempt to gradually become our routine again. I challenge you to plan for a slower normal. Write down what you’ve enjoyed most about the moments at home, and carve out time to keep them in your schedule. Let yourself breathe and choose a new normal.

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