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When we found out we were having twins, I was OVER the moon. I envisioned matching outfits galore. As time went on and the pregnancy got more and more difficult, I kid you not… envisioning them dressed in coordinating outfits cheered me up every time. Not to mention matching their big brother… that’s a whole ‘nother story. I haven’t gone too overboard on FULL matching, but coordinating colors is so much fun.

In terms of kiddos’ clothes, I really love things that are comfortable and classic. I’m a sucker for a great appliqué or an adorable bubble. Smocking, you say? I die. I was tickled pink when Mud Pie (an all time favorite brand of mine even from when B was little) sent over my favorites from their Spring line. We’re moving into our new house soon and I can’t wait for them to each have their own little closet. I snuck over to the new house to snap a few pics of ALL my babies modeling our Mud Pie faves.

First, my absolute favorites… can we talk about these crocheted animal hats? I can’t even handle them. This one is getting framed.


That’s Tyler’s blue steel face. Don’t let those baby blues melt your heart. I’m serious. They will.


Alright, I realize this post is about these adorable clothes and dressing twins… but that smile… I just can’t. Her ENTIRE face smiles.

EmilyLey_Mudpie-01 EmilyLey_Mudpie-04 Back to cute clothes. Now that I have a little girl, I have to have ALL the pink. All the bows. All the girly. This little seahorse romper is so precious and Caroline is ALMOST big enough for it. And that bow on the back!! The next two (Puppy Shortall and Whale Romper) are coordinating colors for T and C.

And somewhere in the last few months, my four year old turned twelve. This boy. I love him so. He loves his baseball tee. Mama loves anything personalized.EmilyLey_Mudpie-07 EmilyLey_Mudpie-06 EmilyLey_Mudpie-08

He was bringing me weed-flowers from the dirt piles in our soon-to-be backyard. Thanks Mud Pie for letting us peek through your Spring line.

Find the links for the items seen above below! You can also visit the store locator so you can find a shop nearby. Mud Pie makes the greatest clothes for little (and big! tear!) ones.

Crocheted Animal Hats – Zebra and Giraffe

Seahorse Romper

Puppy Shortall

Whale Romper

Personalized Baseball Tee

I couldn’t not mention this ADORABLE flamingo outfit… Caroline and Tyler’s nursery in the new house is going to be done nautical – with pink flamingos just for a touch of girliness for Caroline. I cannot wait until she’s big enough to wear this Flamingo Tunic and Capri Set (ok, yes I can… stay a baby forever, please).


This post was created in partnership with Mud Pie featuring my wholehearted thoughts and opinions.

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