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blogimage-01The day is finally here!! When we released the very first version of The Simplified Planner back in 2011, we dreamed of meeting women right where they are – with busy lives and tons of responsibilities pulling at their hearts and time. We wanted to put a tool in their hands to help them manage their need-tos allowing for more space for their want-tos. The first step was creating and releasing The Simplified Planner (paper version!) As many of you, who’ve been cheering us on from the beginning, know — we’ve tweaked and improved the Simplified Planner year after year (and continue to do so) to get it just right. The second step was to create an inclusive, inspiring, encouraging community for women — and this is an area we are continuing to grow in (we have some big plans coming soon for the blog and our social media communities!). The third step was to create an electronic on-the-go version of the Simplified Planner so that we can serve women who a) preferred to manage their lives electronically or b) wanted a companion “on-the-go” tool to go along with their paper SP. Building the app straight from our hearts — for women who deeply desire to live their lives on purpose — was an enormous adventure. We had no idea how much work that adventure would actually entail and are so grateful to our developers for leading us through the process. We are SO excited to release the app today and can’t wait for you to check it out! We’re continually updating the app — tweaking things and adding features to make it an even greater tool.

The Simplified Planner App features the same five key components you’ll find in the paper Simplified Planner: calendar, to do, notes and dinner — as well as a daily summary page to give you a fresh start and a little inspiration every day. (PS: You can purchase really cute color-themes to personalize the app for your own personal style! It’s almost like choosing your Simplified Planner cover!! We’re adding more color-themes all the time, so check back often!)

It’s our sincerest hope that the Simplified Planner App serves as a tool to help you add more joy and simplicity into your busy lives. Visit the app website here and download YOUR Simplified Planner App HERE! :)

Thank you for cheering us on as we continue this adventure!



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