Show Notes

How busy are you really?

Think about that. If you’re overwhelmed, how can you take control and change that?

For instance, I run around all week with the mindset that my plate is overflowing. I also throw little pity parties for myself about how it takes me an HOUR sometimes to accomplish what used to be a five minute task. The other part of the equation is the FOG that consumes me sometimes when I have so many things going on.

But it occurred to me today that I have the ability to change that. It’s all about simplicity, focus and clearing the clutter.

Lara create THE CHALLENGE to combat just that. After talking a lot about THE CHALLENGE during our Making Brands Happen Webinar yesterday I revisited the posts she wrote. I also read through this article on the Wall Street Journal’s website.

And I had to ask myself am I really as busy as I think I am? Could I condense my workload and recenter my focus when I do have blocks of time to get things done so that I actually work LESS and accomplish MORE?

Even further, how can I simplify things even more so that I spend time doing the most important, impactful, satisfying and meaningful things and FORGET THE REST? Lara showed me an image some version of this saying on Pinterest and I created the graphic above. 


I’m traveling tomorrow to spend next week with my family. Little B can’t wait to see them! (and neither can his mama!) I plan to spend some time really thinking about this and going through Lara’s posts on THE CHALLENGE.

I challenge YOU to do the same. It’s all about simplicity and focus.




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