Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Your mommys in the hospital while you play with Nana. Two days ago I started getting a stomach ache. You and I were at Target so I tried to ignore it. Later that day at home, it started getting worse. Your Daddy was out of town, so I called our friends Aunt Dusty and Aunt Lisa. Aunt Dusty came and picked you and your little suitcase up and took you to play with all the girls at Aunt Lisas house. I saw photos of the girls dancing to Hannah Montana with you. While you played, I took some Advil and a nap hoping to wake up feeling better.

Aunt Dusty brought you home and I was feeling a little better thanks to the advil. You went right to sleep with your new Baby Einstein aquarium on your crib. The sound of running water always puts you to sleep.

At 1am, I woke up and started walking across the house to check on you and immediately hit my knees. I couldn’t stand up because the pain in the lower right side of my belly was so strong. I called your Aunt Dusty and woke her up. She was so sweet and came in the middle of the night to stay with you. Your daddy started driving from West Palm to meet me at the hospital. And your Nana started driving from Pensacola to take over for Aunt Dusty. You played at Aunt Dustys house the rest of the day with Uncle Jeff, Kalleigh and Addi.

Once I got to the emergency room. The doctor did a CAT scan and found that my appendix was in really rough shape. They scheduled an emergency appendectomy and off we went before your daddy could even get here. Once the surgery was over I was able to hug your daddy (gently of course!) He has been here with me while your Nana plays with you. Nana is sending me photos of you to make me feel better. The picture of you eating peaches made me smile. You love solid food and are so good at eating it. You stretch your little neck out as far as you can waving your arms behind you like a little bird.

I haven’t been able to stand yet. Yesterday I remember putting one foot in front of the other with the nurses help and the next thing I knew I had five nurses around me and I was sitting on the floor. My blood pressure got too low when I stood up.

Today it’s raining and I miss you SO much. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll get to kiss your chubby little face!

I love you and know you are having a blast with Nana!



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