Show Notes

Dear Bman,

You have slept in your crib all by yourself all night long EVERY night since since we started teaching you how! Your daddy and I can’t believe what a big boy you are.

This weekend your daddy’s favorite football team, the LSU tigers, won a big game. Your daddy made sure you wore your LSU gear all day long! Nothing makes your daddy prouder than to have his little Tiger by his side. I love watching the two of you together. No one can make you laugh like he can, not even me! We laugh and say he’s your clown.

I’ll never forget when Dr Angels nurse told us you were a boy. We thought you were a girl for five weeks (I even bought you some pink dresses! Ha!) Dr Angel was the doctor who measured and measured you while you were growing (he was worried you’d be very small because some of your bones measured below the fifth percentile. HA! We showed him! You’re 99th percentile now!)

The sweet nurse rolled the ultrasound wand over my belly and said “and you thought your sweet baby was a ……” I smiled because I saw what she saw. I looked at your daddy who didn’t realize it yet… And she said “it’s a boy!”

Your daddy jumped and danced and clapped his hands. I’ve never seen him more excited. He immediately text messages your grandma and said “Brady!!” she didn’t know what that meant but we later told her our sweet baby would be Brady Dennis Ley : )

Your daddy loves you in a way only a daddy can. He tells me he can’t wait to take you to football games, to teach you about Broncos and Jeeps and how cool they are. His favorite game with you is something he made up called Magic Carpet Ride. He lets you sit on his hands then moves you all around in the air like you’re on a magic carpet! You laugh and laugh and laugh!!

I love you so much sweet boy! Your two teeth on the bottom are creeping up with the next two right behind them! Your giant ear to ear and squishy-cheek smile with itty bitty teeth is my favorite thing in the whole world : )

Tuesday we head to Pensacola to see Nana and Grandpa!

I love you,


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