Show Notes

Dear Bman,

You’re three months old. How did that happen. Every day is new and beautiful and challenging and blessed. This photo is of you and I as we waited for Daddy to come home to his 31st birthday dinner tonight. We baked him a cake (from scratch!) with butter cream icing (from scratch!) in the shape of a Chicago Bears helmet. Well, I made it, but you sat and watched and giggled at me getting powdered sugar everywhere. You wore your Urlacher jersey for the occasion.

Tonight is your second night sleeping in your crib. I’ll admit there was a tear or two last night (from me, you were a good boy) as I laid you down on your blue gingham sheet in your crib. I carefully and thoughtfully planned and picked out every detail of your beautiful nursery… But I just want you next to me in your bassinet :) ah… I suppose this is the first of many times I will have to let you grow up.

Your daddy will be spending three days at home with you while I travel to New York to the National Stationery Show. Go easy on him :) I’m going to try and be a big girl and keep it together as I kiss you goodbye for the first time ever. Three days… Well survive. Thank goodness for FaceTime.

I love you more than words, Brady. Sometimes I love you so much it hurts. And I wonder if every mother in the whole world… And there’s a lot of them… feels this huge, agape, powerful love. Sometimes I think I want to have ten more babies and sometimes I think my heart would explode if there were two of you :)

With all my love,

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