Show Notes

Dear Bman,

You’re six days old little man. What an amazing six days it has been. Your first few nights have been busy (you think it’s daytime when its night time, just like you did in my belly!) but that’s ok. You’re worth every bit of sleep we miss. 

Your daddy has become the master diaperer and swaddler. He’s so proud of you, Brady. I love this photo of you with him in the hospital. He loves you in such a beautiful way.

Yesterday we took you on your first outing – all the way across the street from our neighborhood to meet your pediatrician. Your daddy and I were so excited to find out that you’d grown a HALF AN INCH in just a few days! Your doctor was so sweet with you. He was so gentle and loved you while he checked you out. And you didnt even cry. He said you’re doing so well. All of your tests are perfect. We came home to Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate your first doctor’s visit. Grandma taught me how to give you a sponge bath too.

We’re just so proud of you, Bman. When I feed you, I love it when your big blue eyes are wide open and you look at me. It melts my heart every time. That time is really special to me… and you’re a pro at it. I love rubbing your little back and touching your face so sweetly, the same way your grandma did to me when I was a baby. It puts you to sleep. When I was in the hospital delivering you and felt a lot of pain because we were working to bring you into the world, your grandma touched my face and rubbed my back the same way. Something about the way a mama loves you just never changes – even when you’re 28 years old.

Your daddy and I love you so much Bman. We’re having so much fun with your grandma and grandpa here. It’s amazing how much you grow and change every day. 



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