Show Notes

Dear Bman,

You’re four months old. Please tell me how this happened. Your daddy was just saying tonight at dinner that every day gets better and better. We are so captivated by you and you are really amused with yourself :) oh – and funny noises and rolling over.

You’re such a bog boy. We started solid foods this week while Nana is here visiting. Your first bite was squash! Yum! Actually you made a really funny face and spit it all out. After a while you decided you liked the taste and let us feed you a little more. Tomorrows menu is…. Sweet potatoes!

You also learned to really roll from tummy to back this week. In fact, we can’t keep you on your tummy for longer than a few minutes because you raise your head and arch your back and flip right over!

You also love to push with your feet when we hold you in a standing position. You laugh and laugh especially when your daddy does this with you.

This week Nana has been here to play! You love her so much and laugh and laugh when you lay on her chest and lift your head to see her make funny faces!

We love you little man! Well be driving to Pensacola soon. You’re such a road warrior! We’ve made the trip three times now! (and we know the location of every Starbucks on i75 and i10!)

I love you more than words, Brady. Even though you’re not sleeping through the night yet, some of my favorite moments are lit by a night light at 3am with both your arms around my neck in our rocking chair.

All my heart,

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