Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Tomorrow you are six months old. Where on earth have six months gone. You are the most happy, joyful baby in the world. Your smile is my most favorite site to see. Your daddy and I were talking tonight after you went to sleep. I laid down to go to sleep and your daddy came in to tell me goodnight. I said “I love him.” he said “me too.” and then he said “He deserves all the love in the world.” He’s right. I love how you interact with us now. You laugh and smile and squeal and make really, really high pitched smiley noises for no reason whatsoever.

Your Aunt Gina took these photos. We were just waking up at Nana and Grandpas house. Your favorite time of the day is early morning. You were so smiley and gave some big grins to the camera. What a ham : )

Happy half birthday, Bman. You’ve brought so many people joy unspeakable with your happy disposition and your sweet chubby smile. I am so proud to be your Mommy. I love you so much.


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