Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Today, you started showing signs of wanting to make your grand appearance. Mommy scurried around trying to get the house ready in case it was “TIME” but so far it looks like you’re going to camp a little longer. 

Then your Aunt Lara tweeted this: To my beautiful friend @EmilyLey Love, all of your friends : ). I thought “what could this be…” and tried to look at it on my iPhone (don’t worry, Mommy will get you one of those when you’re big) but couldn’t quite tell. I walked into my office, still dressed in black leggings and one of your daddy’s enormously-too-big-but-really-comfy-tshirts, and opened the link. So many of your mommy’s friends – from all across the country (even some from outside the country!) wrote letters to you and your Aunt Lara and Aunt Gina put together a very special book, Bman. Love letters. Sweet letters. I read each one word by word and tears just POURED down my face. 

You are so loved. So unbelievably loved. I cant wait for you to be born and to meet these amazing and dear friends. I will try to let you breathe when I meet you but I might just COVER you in kisses. Your daddy was amazed at this gift too. He read each word and wrote me an email to tell me how touched he was by the love of so many people. 

Its almost time little guy. Just 5 days… if we make it that far :)



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