Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Today you are ten whole days old. Your mamas heart is so full of love and thanks for the amazing family you’ve been born into.

As I heal from the c section, your grandma and grandpa have been here to help, to take care of me and to love on you. Your grandpa worked on projects at our house – he can build and fix anything and can’t wait to show you how to use tools. Your grandma took care of me day and night and taught me how to do all the things mamas do. They love you so unbelievably much. It was so hard to say goodbye today as they left to head back home. Grandma and Mommy cried big big tears. But we’re already planning our first trip to Pensacola in April! Now that we have you, your daddy and I know just how much our parents love us… And it’s bigger than we ever could have imagined.

As for you, you’re starting to stretch your arms and legs out more. You’ve been gaining weight nicely… I think your chubby cheeks are my favorite things in the world. Your blonde hair is growing a little bit too… I can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few months. And you’re opening your big blue eyes to look up at us so much now. Those moments melt my heart.

This photo is you asleep in your grandmas chest. She loves you in an unbelievably big way. I hope she reads this and knows we love and appreciate her in a new bigger deeper way. Your mama is blessed to learn mommyhood from such an amazing mommy.

This week your daddy and I get to spend all week with you. We have quite a few friends coming over to meet you and we can’t wait to show you off.

I love you,


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