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Your new frie

Dear Bman,

This week was a HUGE week for you! Huge! So many firsts:

Your new friend, Kara, came to play with you while Mommy worked two days this week. You LOVE her and her “yellow” hair!

You also started sitting up all by yourself – without the Boppy – this week!

You took a bath in the yellow inflatable duck sitting up by yourself! We gave you three rubber duckies and you wanted to put all three of them in your arms at the same time!

You started “army crawling” across the floor. You can’t get your chest and bottom off the floor at the same time yet, but you can sure scoot! This morning, you got on all fours for a quick second before toppling over. Our big guy has a lot to hold up! :)

You went to the Florida Aquarium with Mommy and Daddy! You saw sharks, flamingos, starfish and stingrays for the first time!

You got to see all of your grandparents on your Daddy’s side! Your Grandma held out her hands to you and you reached out to grab them. So sweet!

You said “hi” to Nana on FaceTime. Were not sure if you meant to, but we like to think so! You also started recognizing Nana and Grandpa on FaceTime! You light up and smile at them now when they talk to you!

You also started using your sippy cup and had your first Gerber peach star finger food when your friend Brayden was here. He was so sweet to share!

Were still working on our sleep at night but you’re doing better. We think your first teeth are working their way up.

Your Daddy and I can’t believe how much you grew this week! You’re such a big boy and make us so happy. Tomorrow we are going to Pensacola to visit Nana and Grandpa!

I love you so much!!


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