Show Notes

Dear Bman,

This might be my most favorite possession. This video is a little something your Aunt Gina made for you. You are six and a half months old and you really do not like to sleep. We’re working on it, but all in all I treasure these late night moments with you. Your daddy was out of town and your Aunt Gina was visiting. She heard happy little you in your crib and I brought you into Mommy’s bed for a while. Aunt Gina captured your giant laugh, your beautiful cheeky happy smile and my precious Bman. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I was when I saw this little video a few hours later. You’d woken up again and I’d just put you back down to sleep. We’re guilty of letting you sleep in our bed sometimes after you wake up in the middle of the night. Not because you necessarily need it, but because we relish the pure joy of you sleeping with us. You won’t always be this big. It probably doesn’t help your dislike for sleep, but it makes my heart so full to lay in our big comfy bed in the dark with you face down on my chest. You’re so big and long now that your arms and legs hang off, but with your paci in your mouth and your little bottom in the air, we soak up these moments. You breath so deep and I rub your little blond hairs on your head. They’re about a half inch long now. There aren’t many of them and you have a little teeny bald spot right smack on top of your head. I love every square inch. You’ve also started pushing all the way up off your belly. Crawling isn’t far away. Which means middle of the night sleeping on mommy’s chest will probably end soon. But for now, I’ll soak it up. And love this video. And love being your mama more than anything in this world.

I love you more than you’ll ever know smiley little Bman.



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