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Emily Ley Blog

Dear Bman,Since I’m confined to my bed (well, I really can’t complain when my day is

July 09, 2011

Dear Bman,

Since I’m confined to my bed (well, I really can’t complain when my day is limited to sleep and baby snuggles!) I thought I’d write something to you I’ve been meaning to post for a while. See, your family is exceptionally good at creating nicknames for you. In fact, we’ve never really counted them all. So here is a list. (And yes, I do plan to share these with any potential girlfriend one day just to see you blush and say “Mooooom…”)

Whammy – this was when we didn’t know if you were a he or a she, just a wee little gummy bear in my belly

Bman – our favorite of course, we wanted your name to start with a B but weren’t quite decided yet. And well, any name that is reminiscent of a super hero is just plain cool.

BLey – just like your Daddy.

Brady Bear – just sweet.

Bwady Wey – this came from Nana and her silly baby talk.

B Dee B Dee Co Co Pop – this came from your Grandma. She used to call your Daddy this when he was a little boy.

Little B – love this one. Your daddy is Big B.

Washmabald Headplease – this one is my absolute favorite (next to Bman). First name: Washmabald, Last name: Headplease. We sing a song about this in the bathtub. I secretly hope you’ll always have a round little bald head. In fact, when you were born, the very first words I heard Dr Irvin say about you during the c-section were “oh my goodness look at that round little bald head!”

Washmablonde Hairplease – the sequel to Washmabald. Were starting to see sprouts of white blonde goodness (they’re all going straight up of course) on that little bald head.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this as we go!

I love you, Washmablonde!