Show Notes

Dear Bman,

Ok, to be fair… I had to post a few belly photos. Since I posted a belly photo of you : ) Nice comparison, right? The last picture is 7.5 months old just like you : ) Minus one day. Isn’t it neat to see how you grew? It kind of blows my mind to think you grew in my belly. Amazing.

This song (To make you feel my love, a cover by Adele) just came on and it reminded me of a February 15, 2011. The night before you were born. Your Grandpa and Nana came down and your dad and I went to PF Changs (one of my favorite restaurants and something I craved a lot when I was pregnant with you – steamed veggies and chicken, yum). We came home and I was taking a shower VERY pregnant. Attempting not to topple over while I washed my hair. And this song came on. I got all teary eyed and thought about how I’d be meeting you the next day. And oh what I’d do for you. Just anything, little guy. That night was so surreal. I remember thinking… life is about to change FOREVER. And ever. And ever… in the best way possible. I took my time and dried my hair and put on a green shirt and grey comfy pants. The shirt was really tight and fitted. I remember seeing my belly in the mirror for one last time. I have to post this here, even though it’s HELLO skin. That was YOU in there. We took this picture just before we headed to the hospital to meet you.

God is so good, little man. When I think about all that you, your daddy and I have experienced this far… its a miracle. Watching you grow every day… its amazing. Yesterday you were sitting in a center split with your legs all the way out to both sides. It was the funniest thing, but every time we put you on the floor you did it. I told your daddy you were going to be a gymnast. He told me that linebackers don’t have time for gymnastics : )

I love you, my B!



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